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Funding Needs


The following areas are a part of our "Excellence in Service" campaign that is designed to bring together small communities with cognitive disorders to strengthen and respite the family unit. This exciting way to learn, work, explore and play takes the entire family along a new approach to development for children, their parents, guardians and researchers alike. Together we can work toward the reality of providing an uplifting learning and responsible environment for all who visit here!


Join our efforts in creating a place that promotes growth by donating today.

Equestrian Center for animal assisted therapy
Support our Animals

Animal Assisted Therapy can often reach individuals in a way that traditional therapies do not. Our goals in animal assisted therapy include: social and emotional development, communication skills, relationship skills, behavior modification, self-expression, problem solving, and care taking. To make this happen, the land needs to be excavated, irrigated, and leveled to make room for an arena, stables, and training. A riding trail surrounds the farm and adjacent meadows. Donations will be used toward the building process as well as the caretaking for the animals.


Rainbow Garden
Support our Rainbow Garden

The Rainbow Garden requires constant upkeep all year long. Donations are needed to provide continuous garden based activities. The produce grown is also currently donated to our Atypical families as well as local food banks. In the future, we aim to have a weekly booth at the local farmers market that will provide work experience to our Atypical Place members.

Outdoor Sensory Exploratorium
Support our Outdoor Sensory Exploratorium

A discovery site suited specifically for children and young adults with special needs. The Exploratorium includes a natural and historical approach with waterfalls, a wobbly bridge, adjacent to a spectacular mountain of ancient ruins. The archeological site show cases a 17 ft. replica of a 4 million year old whale similar to skeletons and artifacts found in the area of the Templeton gap. The mysterious hedge maze is great fun along with the interactive Freenotes Harmonic outdoor music center which provides hours of fun and development for the whole family. A Tuscan playhouse and special swing set, a rock climbing wall, family par coarse plus more fun activities are designed to promote sensory development, motor skills, imagination, and learning. Donations will be used to pay the loan back for the build.



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